Welcome! You’re in the right place.

If you’re a potential employer who has found me via my resumé or social media, then I am grateful you’ve taken the time. I’ll be adding recent content on a regular basis – please peruse and reach out with any questions.

If you’re a journalist, fellow student, or (most likely) a friend or family member who clicked on this link out of curiosity, then thanks for checking in!

My intention for this site is threefold.

  • To serve as my professional portfolio to showcase my work.
  • To maintain a personal blog to practice storytelling.
  • To tinker with multimedia storytelling formats.

I considered creating a separate site for the latter two, since they’re more for personal development, but I am leaning into transparency and accountability, and having everything here – “warts and all”, as they say – helps with both. I need to learn to write honestly while striving for (what at times may feel like) painstaking objectivity, and since a personal blog post about potentially controversial issues might cause someone to perceive bias in something I report in the future, I may as well practice with an audience. I’ve lived 41 years and made my share of mistakes, and if I accomplish even some of my professional goals then I expect my worst moments will bubble up at some point. 

That’s not to say that I’m going to go strike preemptively like Hamilton did with the ‘Reynold’s Pamphlet’ and overshare – I’ll do what I can to keep personal elements personal, for the sake of relationships and family. Finding that balance is going to take some discipline, which will come with practice and more than a few missteps I am sure. Candor vs. privacy. Ego vs. humility. Bravery vs. foolishness. Privileges and challenges of a public presence – should I prove worthy of the attention.

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