Las Vegas Pride Parade - October 8, 2021 - Photo by James Brown, Jr.

James Doyle Brown, Jr.

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News21’s COVID-19 Reporting Molds Caring Professional Journalists

This event was the fourth Must See Monday I’ve attended in person, after covering the audio and digital storytelling offering on October 18th for a video assignment in bootcamp, and then the last two which featured  disability and business award ceremonies for extra credit. Around 40 people were in attendance. It may sound like pandering,…

Should We Care if Billionaires Don’t Pay Taxes? Stop Asking the Billionaires.

After enjoying last week’s Must See Monday, and again motivated by the chance to earn some extra course credit, I decided to attend the November 8th event. Like last week, this was an awards ceremony of sorts, this time for The Best in Investigative Business Journalism. Dr. Battinto Batts Jr.,  who is the Dean and…

A Reminder of the Impact of Empathetic Journalism

Since most of the Must See Mondays I’ve seen (either in person or on Youtube) have been interview formats, I was surprised that this installment began with presentations of the small media and large media Katherine Schneider Journalism Awards for Excellence in Reporting on Disability. Based on the billing, The Best in Disability Reporting, I…

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